Detect HP Printer Supplies Availability using FusionWidgets, PHP and curl

In some office, there are several HP printers installed and connected to the network. It’s my duty to create such as dashboard to detect the supplies availability for those printers. In this case I am using FusionWidgets v3 to visualize it. I am using FusionWidgets v3 Developer License to achieve this mission. You also can download the trial version of FusionWidgets v3 to follow this tutorial. I assume you are already familiar with the FusionWidgets v3 deployment on your system. I only use the Cylinder type widget to visualize the printer supplies status.

In this case we will monitor printer HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP. Below is the picture of that printer.

HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP

This printer can be connected to TCP/IP network and you can access the printer’s properties from web browser.

HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP control panel from the web browser

Actually we will use PHP and curl to access to this web control panel, grab the data (such as printer name, supplies level status, approximately pages remaining etc) and we will visualize on our dashboard.

- Download FusionWidgets v3 trial from
- Extract it.
- Copy FusionCharts.js from JSClass folder to your web root folder.
- Copy Cylinder.swf from Charts folder to your web root folder.

Now here is the code to grab data from HP LaserJet M1522nf MFP web control panel.

Google Translate Interface New

Google Translate has a new compact interface that combines the drop-downs that allow you to select the language pairs with the tabs that show the last 3 languages you've selected.
Here's the old interface:
Usually Google does a good job at detecting the language of the original text, so it's a good idea to click "Detect language", unless your text is very short.


Google Maps Alternate Routes

Sometimes there are many ways to get from point A to point B, whether you are walking or driving. Until now, Google Maps’ directions feature has given you the route they consider the best and allows you to drag and drop the route to change your path. Today, Google Maps is adding functionality that suggests additional routes so that you can see all of them on the map for comparison.

Under a “Suggested Routes” heading, you will now be able to access other routes to the same destination. This is a feature that GPS systems in car, like a Garmin device, have been offering for quite some time so it makes sense that Google would want to catch up. Google says that they choose alternative routes bases on many factors, including distance, travel time, and number of turns. Google Maps boils this data down to what is the lowest “cost” and ranks the routes based upon the “cost.”

MapQuest doesn’t suggest alternate routes but the site does let you choose alternate routes by filtering directions by no toll roads, highways, and distance, which is a function Google Maps has as well.