Sony and Microsoft Introduce New Video Games Next Month

Sony and Microsoft are likely to introduce new video game products at the E3 video game show that will be held in Los Angeles next month, after Nintendo launched a motion-sensing Wii console recently.

According to reports, Sony and Microsoft are preparing to intriduce PlayStation 3 and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 that may unveil new control schemes and allow people to use natural gesture-based interfaces.

If true the reports are true, the new products will help them widen their audiences to mainstream and casual players, who have flocked to the Wii and its motion-sensing controllers.

The reports said, Sony is preparing a one-handed PS3 controller that uses light-emitting diodes that communicate with a camera near a television to manipulate on-screen movements in a manner more accurate than the Wii.

But these are not the first such non-Nintendo devices to emerge. Sony has launched an EyeToy accessory that picks up 2-D movements. It also has built motion sensing into its PlayStation 3 controller. Both, however, have had limited applications in games.

At the same time, intendo, has climbed to the top of the video game industry with its Wii system, which has sold more than 50 million units since hitting the market in 2006. The Xbox 360 has sold about 28 million units as of January while the PlayStation 3 has moved 23.7 million units.

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