Thunderbird to open links in Firefox

If you use Mozilla Thunderbird with KDE you already know that by default Thunderbird open hyperlinks in konqueror. If konqueror your main browser - this post is not for you ;-) Below you can find way how-to force Thunderbird to open hyperlinks in Firefox.

First thing that we need to do is create shell script:
exec /path/to/firefox "$url"

Save that script to Thunderbird default folder. In my case: ~/.mozilla-thunderbird
Now, make that script executable.

Please close Thunderbird and open file prefs.js in your favorite text editor. You can find that file inside Thunderbird profile directory. For example:


Now you need add following strings to the end of prefs.js

user_pref("", "~/.mozilla-thunderbird/");
user_pref("", "~/.mozilla-thunderbird/");
user_pref("", "~/.mozilla-thunderbird/");

Where file shell script that we saved before.

Now just start Thunderbird and click to any link. It should always open it in Firefox.

I don’t know why Thunderbird didn’t use system default browser either i dont know why there is no settings about broswer in Thunderbird Preferences. I hope this will be fixed sometime, because way above is not clear and not portable.  Usually same methods called “hack”

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